Special Project

Tjaarda Design Award

The Tjaarda Design Award was founded to celebrate Tom Tjaarda and his creative work in automotive design.
Designer Tom Tjaarda was born from Dutch parents in Detroit in 1934. He moved to Turin in 1958, falling in love with the city and with the automotive world that is so deeply rooted here.

The project was conceived by his wife, Paola Bronzino, and by his friend and colleague, Michele Albera, who is now the coordinator of the Transportation Design course at IED Torino.

Circolo del Design, in its effort to support the cultural heritage of design in its territory and beyond, promotes the project with the technical partnership of Centro Stile FIAT, which provides the package for the development of a style proposal for a convertible sports car.
The call is open to students and 2018 graduates from all Italian design schools.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 31 May 2019 at 4pm, sending documents by email to info@circolodeldesign.it
Download all the material you need to enter the competition!

Technical Partner